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Çeviriye ulaşmak için tıklayınız. (S5xE15)

Director: David Trainer
TV Series: "That '70s Show" (1998)
Original Air Date: 12 February 2003 (Season 5, Episode 15)
Genre: Comedy Romance
Plot: Donna's dad Bob and his partner Joanne are off for the weekend, so they plan a weekend together, but the gang is determined to throw a party there, and unforgiving when they really refuse it. A call from the jeweler makes Kitty think Eric's engagement ring for Donna is for her, but she finds out while taking 'poor orphan' Hyde shopping for a new coat, which turns out an Evis-flashy jacket, yet tries to help preventing Red finding out, but the next paternal tirade makes Eric spill the beans himself.


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Ellerine sağlık, kolay bir çeviri olmuştur umarım. :P :D

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Sorma çok kolaydı. :P Bu arada tang içer misin? :)))

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Why not? :D